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Why we're doing this

Every school year, nearly 18 million students rely on reduced lunch programs—that's almost twice the population of New York City. But once school is out, these kids go without a meal. We think the nutrition lost by missing these balanced meals—including milk—is essential to a growing child's health and success.
That's where we step in.

What we're doing about it

World Milk Day is June 1st and it's the official kickoff to June Dairy Month. We want everyone to celebrate the goodness of milk—but we need your help. Together, along with The Great American Milk Drive, we can bridge the summer nutrition gap for kids who depend on reduced lunches during summer. It won't cost you a penny, just a post on social media.

Milk Money ATMs

To bring the initiative to life, we’ve created the first ATMs that take currency rather than give it. Our Milk Money ATMs exchange social currency—tweets and posts—for milk donations. Just like users worldwide, on World Milk Day attendees can send out Tweets featuring the hashtag #GiveMilkMoney right from the ATMs to donate milk to kids in need. Those who live near DFA’s headquarters in Kansas City can check it all out in person at our River Market pop-up, June 1 from 7am-3pm.

I was raised by a father who worked for the Department of Agriculture in the Dairy Division and a mother who sent me home to the dairy farms of Ohio every summer. It’s safe to say I grew up with a love of milk. The #GiveMilkMoney initiative is near and dear to my heart. It helps fill the nutrition gap for millions of kids in need—all through the goodness of milk from hard-working farmers and their families. Join me in fueling a summer of dairy for everyone, starting with World Milk Day!

Christina Tosi

How you can help

That's the easy part. Simply post #GiveMilkMoney on any social
media platform throughout June, beginning this Saturday — World Milk Day —
and we'll donate a gallon of milk to these kids in need.

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And find out more about what our partners are doing on World Milk Day!